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About us

Guangzhou Yili Medical Care Co. Ltd. is a professional company engaged in the production and agency of advanced medical equipment at home and abroad, leading the new trend of the medical supplies industry. Since the establishment of the company, it has continued to develop and make progress, with its own exploration and innovation, and strives for development in stability. Its sales performance has increased year by year. Its business has radiated to all parts of the country. A good reputation and reputation. The main products are: clinical testing products, disinfection and sterilization products, oral equipment, rehabilitation equipment, pre-hospital emergency equipment, operating room and ward care equipment, etc. The company has won unanimous praise from users based on the principle of sincere service and people-oriented, high-quality products and perfect after-sales service. Peihe, with the courage and spirit of the explorer, continues to devote itself to the exploration and research in the field of medical equipment; with better quality and better service, let the public easily enjoy the healthy future brought by scientific and technological medical treatment.

Company culture:

Guangzhou Yili is "cooperation". Only by cooperating with each other can we achieve the perfect set, and can we show the cohesion of the enterprise and the spirit of corporate culture of unity and cooperation. Yili is "matching" and "harmony". Only by accurately meeting the customer's product needs according to the customer's needs can we achieve "matching"; further, with good integrity and high-quality services, we can achieve "harmony" and make money!

Corporate vision:

Since its establishment, Guangzhou Yili has been focusing on the medical device industry, and is committed to "Kangze society, caring for health" as its own responsibility. Every corner of the world! "I hope there are no diseases in the world, why worry about medicine and dust." Guangzhou Yili people should create with a professional spirit and devote themselves to contribute to the development of human health.

Our Mission:

Poor world, classic world, professionalism, provide globally trusted medical device products and services, and dedicate the company's heart to the cause of human health.

Core value:

  • 1. Integrity and Responsibility: Responsible for social integrity, responsible for the integrity of the company, responsible for the integrity of colleagues, responsible for the integrity of their positions.
  • 2. Respect for identity: Respect the struggling, selfless, self-disciplined, and skilled people, agree with the company's vision and mission, and the team's goals.
  • 3. Dedicated cooperation: Do extraordinary things with a professional attitude and peace of mind, share and share, and accomplish the ego with the ego.
  • 4. Achieve customers: Except for ourselves, we are customers, customers are supreme, customers are first, pay attention to customers' concerns, serve customers with quality, and are committed to customer satisfaction and success.
  • 5. Passionate innovation: Stay passionate, never give up, be optimistic, break through yourself, meet changes, pursue speed and efficiency, and focus on innovations that are valuable to customers.